12 Celebs At Their High School Prom

#12 – Demi Lovato


Demi Lovato looked nearly perfect at her schools prom. Her fashion style in that red dress is a perfect color on her. She looked nice and tan with nearly flawless hair. It’s the dress that really stands out the most I bet she was the Queen. Her clothing brands and style is always on point. She knows how¬† to dress up and look good.

12 Hilarious Prom Dress Fails



This white dress had to open a lot of eyes. This one shows off a little too much of almost every part of her body. I am sure this gave the high school students plenty of reasons to laugh. I am guessing she bought this dress online considering dresses and clothes in general usually comes in the mail not looking like what you were expecting while shopping online.

The Scariest Hotels In America

#5 – Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel


The Roosevelt Hotel is one of the most iconic tourist destinations in America because of the haunting that guests experience while staying here. The hotel rates are affordable especially if you book your room online. I would be careful as to how high up you want to stay your night here. Monroe is known to haunt the place and its guests and the higher you get a room the more intense and aggressive guests have noticed hearing and seeing unexplained things. The hotel offers a fine restaurant and bar and otherwise seems like a great place to stay.




10 Christmas Gifts You Should Never Buy For Your Girlfriend

#10 – Exercise Gear


Buying her exercise equipment and gear for Christmas could backfire on anyone! You could be sending a wrong message to the lady. She may feel like you think shes not in good enough shape and the attraction is lost. That is why avoiding these machines as a Christmas gift idea should be certainly talked about before hand.